Turquoise, crystal clear water, white sand and sea lions around you … A dream come true

Many people said I should visit Isla Espiritu Santo but nobody really explained why.  Yet I heard it so much, it piqued my curiosity. Today, my life has changed completely, now that I know that this fantasy place is real. In the following lines , I will tell you more about how I finally decided to get on the plane and visit this mysterious place.

It all began at 9 am when we hopped on a small boat in La Paz to go to our destination.  The ride is relaxing, and sometimes you may spot the presence of dolphins and whales that come your way, depending on the time of year.

During the trip, we passed by an imposing stone wall, which seems to be guarding something magical . The other thing that caught my attention was the ghost face naturally carved onto the wall, something that even looks taken out of a horror movie.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was visit Los Islotes, the place inhabited by sea lions. Here, I took my snorkel and jumped into the water to swim with them. When you get in the water, remember that you should not approach them, let them come to you. Be patient, because they do! Remember, this is their territory, so do not invade. Babies are the most playful, even one of them that came up to me, ran into my underwater camera. In the near future I will share the video with you. (We recommend going with a guide to visit everything that is worth seeing amongst these islands and the natural reserve.)

When we left the island, we came to a white sand beach that is also part of the reservation. If you go, get ready, because you will never forget this experience.

There are unique moments in life, and this is one of them. If at some point you are near La Paz, or somewhere in Baja California, do not miss the opportunity and go to Isla Espiritu Santo! When you are there, let yourself be conquered by its amazing colors, where you will travel between different shades of blue, to finish in a turquoise that will impress you.

Espiritu Santo Island,  is the home to sea lions.

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– Bring biodegradable sunscreen and an underwater camera because the sun is quite strong.

– If you go with a guide, do not worry, they bring necessities such as food and water, so you just have to worry about having a great day.

– If you like diving, kayaking and snorkeling, do not hesitate to go, you will definitely love this place .

– If you’re a fan of camping, bring your equipment because there are specific areas for this activity.

FACTS: Espiritu Santo Island is one of the sites with the greatest biodiversity worldwide. This protected area is home to coral reefs, sea lions, dolphins  whales and other species. Sometimes you can run into hammerheads and rays, but this is in El Bajo. Espíritu Santo is a chain of two major islands, three islands and four rocky promontories. (That’s why you will hear of Isla Partida , Islet , La Ballena.)